Doctoral Consortium

SoCS Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) is aimed at providing Ph.D. students with the opportunity to engage with established researchers closely, get feedback on their research, gain advice on career possibilities, foster networking, and present their work during the conference.

As part of the Doctoral Consortium, SoCS will provide graduate students with an opportunity for in-depth advice from senior members regarding careers and research skills. Each student accepted to the DC (see below for the acceptance procedure) will be matched with an established researcher in the field, who will assist the student with research and career management advice.

We invite all students to apply.

Student Support:

SoCS will aim at providing student support, partly covering travel and/or registration costs through a separate scholarship application process. Participation in the DC, however, is a requirement for students receiving travel assistance. 

To apply for student support, students must submit a document on their budget and other funding resources when they submit their application to the DC program at (Doctoral Consortium track).

Application Procedure for the Doctoral Consortium:

To participate in the Doctoral Consortium, an application is required and needs to be submitted at (Doctoral Consortium track)

Applicants for the Doctoral Consortium should submit the following:

Students with Papers Accepted to the Main Conference:

If you have a technical paper, position paper, or extended abstract that has been accepted to the main conference and plan to submit a student abstract on exactly the same topic, you can use your accepted paper as your extended abstract, without creating a 2-page version of the accepted paper. Doing so will allow you to participate in all events in DC. However, if your paper has already been allocated a poster/presentation in the main conference, you will not be assigned an additional poster/presentation. Also, since you won't have a separate 2-page student abstract, your paper won't be included in the student abstract section of the SoCS proceedings.

If your paper is rejected from the conference, you will need to write a 2-page student abstract as described above. However, you are welcome to consider rewriting your rejected paper as a student abstract, which would allow you to present your work at the conference and receive feedback.

Important Dates for Doctoral Consortium:

Proceedings Publishing:

A selection of the accepted extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. Selected students will be required to transfer copyright of the abstract to AAAI. A copy of the AAAI copyright form is available in the AAAI author kit. Students can also choose not to be in the proceedings if they prefer.